HUPD Police Log 4.18.05

Each week, the Harvard Crimson posts the Police Log from the Harvard University Police Department. While many Crimson readers may skip over this seemingly mundane record of the goings on of the HUPD force, the Police Log is actually a gold mine for comedy…. uh…. gold.

This week’s highlights…(see expanded post)

April 13:

12:04 a.m.—Officers were sent to Harvard Yard because of a report alleging that someone was acting strangely. The responding officers were unable to find the strange perpetrator.

Wouldn’t you love to know the exact criteria they were using when searching for the “strange perpetrator”?

April 13:

1:07 p.m.—An officer observed a package lying suspiciously by Memorial Church. Upon further investigation, the officer determined the package was, in fact, filled with soda cans.

Best part of this post: “in fact” — Are they confirming their suspicion that it was soda cans all along? ‘Aha! Soda cans! I knew it all along’ Don’t get snippy with us, Police Log.

(Even though the Police Log provides us with a hilarious insight into the dark underworld of Harvard crime, here at Police Blog we always appreciate the work and dedication of the HUPD officers)


One response to “HUPD Police Log 4.18.05

  1. oh the hilarity!

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