thought for the day

I was watching Curb Your Enthusiasm earlier, and I really appreciated this little exchange between Cheryl and Larry, and felt like sharing it. I think it will make sense even if you don’t watch the show, but if it doesn’t / isn’t funny, I’m sorry. It’s not that it’s an especially good joke, exactly; it’s more of thought of the day material :) Anyway, it goes:
Cheryl David: Larry…Larry!
Larry David: Huh?
Cheryl: What are you doing?
Larry: Stepping on some packing bubbles.
Cheryl: I know but why – why are you doing that?
Larry: Because it makes a fun kind of popping noise. It’s fun.

3 responses to “thought for the day

  1. clay, you’re a weird dude. It’s not even your thought of the day, this was your away message yesterday! haha.

  2. thanks, golis. lots of people have been telling me that this post was lame, so i’d like to make a statement by way of clarification. it’s not that it’s funny, it’s that it represents what i want to be when i grow up. i would like to be able to have fun popping those little packing bubbles without having been socialized into thinking that it was not fun anymore. so that’s what i had in mind, sorry for subjecting any readers to my inner monologue :)

  3. Jamal Sprucewood

    I’m popping packing bubbles right now.

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