Single-Sex group recognition?

The College — in a subcommittee of the student-faculty Committee on College Life — is actually considering recognizing single-sex groups on campus. I should say that none of this is even close to a done deal, and the student reps on the committee seem to be divided as to whether this has any chance of actually happening. But the current proposal/thinking seems to be that single-sex organizations would have the option of being recognized, bringing them under the umbrella of the College and allowing them some limited access to campus resources. Obviously this isn’t very specific yet.(more in expanded post)
This of course has huge implications. Women’s groups in particular could benefit from this, if it is done right. Final clubs may choose to be recognized, which would put them under the jurisdiction of HUPD instead of the Cambridge Police. The Crimson Ed Board came out behind the proposal. But the group that can have a much bigger impact on whether this happens — the UC — doesn’t yet have a positon, though its Student Affairs Committee has discussed it and may bring legislation about it. I think that it’s hard to get behind something that doesn’t have any specific anything. But I think that this is a very fruitful line of discussion, in particular for women’s groups, that the campus should continue. Anybody have any thoughts? Good idea? Why two tiers at all? What about funding?

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