um, the Harvard Crimson thinks…

that “Matherites are dirty, dirty people who refuse to shower and are looking to spread their rashes among the Harvard student body”? Uh, ok. This may be the weirdest staff ed I’ve ever read:

Of course, the big question is whether the outbreak of rashes was due to the foam at the party or to activities undertaken after everyone blacked out. A quick survey of Fifteen Minutes’ party report confirmed our suspicions, as every picture featured incestuous, Mather-like debauchery that could only reasonably culminate with the transfer of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). And where did those STD’s come from? That’s right. They came from Matherites.

(more in expanded post)

Yes, it is mildly funny, but isn’t that what comments are for, or that weird bullseye thing? Does the fact that it’s a staff ed mean the entire editorial board voted on this?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I think that it’s an important issue to bring to the table: are Matherites more or less prone to sexually transmitted diseases and what does this tell us about Mather Lather AND, should this cause us to want to replace the monkeys in William James with people from Mather? All of this is terribly important. Terribly. But can’t you just put the author’s name on it? He deserves credit for his bizarro, funny in the way a drunk uncle at Christmas is funny, writing.


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