HUPD Police Log 5.2.05

Well loyal readers, after last week’s spectacular installment regarding our friend the “alleged self-fondler,” this week’s post is a little light. I guess after a report like that, there’s nowhere to go but down. But fear not friends! As always, you’re in for a smile, courtesy of the Harvard University Police Log. (see expanded post)

April 26:

8:17 a.m.—A report of a stolen home plate led an officer to a baseball field in Allston. The officer found that, in addition to the theft, a few sand bags and a tarp had been dumped onto the field.

An actual report about a stolen home plate? Sometimes, they make my job too easy…

(Even though the Police Log provides us with a hilarious insight into the dark underworld of Harvard crime, here at Police Blog we always appreciate the work and dedication of the HUPD officers)


One response to “HUPD Police Log 5.2.05

  1. I thought it was hard to steal home?

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