video extravaganza!

Alright, I know I’m on a bit of a video kick right now, apologies. It’s just easier than actually reading stuff and thinking about stuff (I’ve got plenty of that with my 4 papers to write), so stop bugging me and enjoy the procrastination.

First, a video of Bright Eyes on Leno night before last singing his new song: “When the President Talks to God.” Fiery stuff, good song. Maybe the closest thing to an intelligent protest song I’ve heard in a while. (you can read the lyrics here)

Second, Ann Coulter gives Harvard a shoutout, saying that of the dumbshit liberals who ask her dumbshit questions (and hate America!), Harvard students ask some of the smartest. Awww, thanks Ann!

Finally, a hilarious clip from Bill Maher on Jeff Ganon. Enjoy!


One response to “video extravaganza!

  1. have you heard the decemberists’ 16 by 32? i wouldn’t call it fiery, but it is certainly well written. and super catchy.

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