In celebration of those CC readers (and contributors) who are currently being huge nerds and waiting for the beginning of the end of Star Wars. You know who you are, let me know how it is… Posted by Hello


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  1. i guess you mean me, golis. since you asked, i thoroughly enjoyed episode 3. even though the script was laughably terrible in places, the acting was not as bad as i had expected (but i was expecting it to be laughably terrible). but still, i had a good time. i mean, come on, any movie where (i’m not giving anything away) dooku has to die, the emperor has to fight yoda, obi wan has to fight annakin, and mace windu has to die along with the rest of the jedi has got to be awesome. and even though i’ve been building all those fights up in my head for three years i wasn’t let down.

    to stave off those of you who will shout ‘nerd!’ i will just say that a) this movie is a cultural event and b) the entire six-movie cycle is actually a very interesting and original riff on the literary archetype of the hero cycle as laid out by joseph campbell in “the hero with a thousand faces.” for some reason i don’t think i have succeeded in staving off those who will shout nerd.

  2. re: clay capp’s post:


    j/k Campbell rocks.

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