filibustering with excitement!

Well, here goes nothing! The nuclear bomb is set to go off Tuesday, when Senate Republican’s have scheduled a cloture vote to end debate, which would begin the filibuster and result in a series of “interpretations” by the chair (which would be Cheney) that would, if the GOP has the votes, end with a majority sustaining the chairs ruling and effectually ending the filibuster on judicial nominees. The Times has a good article on what the inside politicking regarding compromises, vote counts and public relations is looking like.

Throughout all of this madness, I’ve been following the Democrat’s side of the argument at, a video blog that has posted various Democrat’s speeches from the floor. My favorites have been Chucky Schumer (parts one and two) and an angry Ted Kennedy (parts one and two). If you’re bored come next week, I’m sure demblogger will be a fun place to watch it all unfold (on the Dems side, at least). If anyone knows somewhere (other than c-span) with clips of the Republican speeches, let me know!


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