Well, for the first time Cambridge Common is actually in the Crimson, not just making fun of it or questioning it’s factual basis. Nothing much new, just a fairly reasonable accounting of this whole ridiculous Veep controversy. God knows it was a slow news day if something CC was involved in was the lead story. They’re really desperate in these slow days of finals (newsflash: students sit in library, take exams). While I think it’s good that they wrote about it to clear the air, it seems like there are other things that could have been the lead story that are maybe a little more important:

– Harvard continues to be one of the only Ivy League schools without a Women’s Center.
– Harvard continues to sub-contract every possible worker so that they don’t have to pay for benefits like medical insurance for their children.
– Harvard continues to invest in companies with holdings in the Sudan.

Oh, I could go on and on. And that’s just here at Harvard. Who else has something important that would have been a more appropriate lead story than some lying UC member trying to malign good people?


9 responses to “hmmm…

  1. Speaking of that Women’s Center, I still think that itself needs some healthy debate and is in no way a forgone conclusion much like needing to divest from companies in the Sudan.

    While I am extremely liberal, I think the concept of a Women’s Center is a bad idea and has very little justification. I believe that an office space should be provided for RUS (much like office space is available for the BGLTSA). The BGLTSA then converted their space into a Resource Center. RUS could choose to do the same. But they should not be given a large space, nor should they be given a staffed space. They should staff it themself.

    I feel I am unconvinced by the other side of the argument, and believe this should be given some healthy debate. It is an interesting subject, but not one that goes with the other two much more major issues that you list. :)

  2. Yeah, I know, it is a shame when the Crimson has to stoop to talking about a lying UC member (like the editor of the site!) who tries to malign good people. Thanks, Andrew, for making headlines.

  3. man, is this site gonna die over the summer without the crimson to bash?

  4. the crimson publishes over the summer…?

  5. only once per week I think

  6. I don’t know about Jamal, but I will be on a cross-country road trip, and then writing my thesis, so updating Crimson Common will not be on the top of my list. Many apologies. There really won’t be much to talk about in terms of Harvard with all of us gone, and when I leave I’ll leave a list of blogs that readers can use to keep up on a lot of this stuff… thanks for coming by! Anyone have any thoughts on the Women’s Center, I’m very much for it but not as articulate as soon in explaining why…

  7. Neeraj "Richie" Banerji

    …so updating Crimson Common will not be on the top of my list…

    Haha, “Crimson” Common? Was that Freudian?


  8. haha… um, whoops.

  9. Jamal Sprucewood

    I’ll be posting occasionally during the summer and hopefully I’ll have plenty of fodder from my summer job and the news.

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