three interesting videos

Amnesty International blasts the US for Gitmo, compares them to Soviet gulags and the disappearing peoples in South American dictatorships. Video here.

Hardball has an interesting (although over-simplified) history of the religious right in the last 40 years and Frist’s modern day problems. Video here.

60 Minutes did a piece on the failures of abstinence programs, and the ways the Bush Administration is giving money to what are essentially evangelizing programs. Link here, video at bottom of page.

Enjoy, congratulations if you’re done! I am not. Damn you Pinker and your last day final!


2 responses to “three interesting videos

  1. Oxblog does a good job tearing up the Amnesty International speech here.

  2. Honestly, I think he lost an excellent opportunity to remain silent.
    Comparing itself with dictatorships, by arguing that “Cuba and Syria are doing it too!” is hardly the best defense for a country that boasts itself as the world`s biggest democracy!

    I understand why the US practices at Guantanamo Base are within the most important concerns of AI: no one expects Cuba or North Korea to set an example on human rights matters, unlike the US.
    Anyway, there is a general principle of criminal law in civilised nations (in which I do include the US – correct me if I`m wrong), the principle of habeas corpus which forbids the imprisionment of any individual without a trial in adequate timing. It seems to me that some of those detainees have been there for several years now, and will presumably remain there ad calendas graecas. Read article 9 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, for a quick memory refreshment.

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