A first hand view of the Republican majority. Even Republican moderates where disgusted.


2 responses to “shame

  1. Obviously this is a great bill that will help to reduce government waste and inefficiency and encourage private enterprise to provide a service to all Americans. It’s only because the three reasonable democrats had the thumbscrews put on them by ultra-radicals that this vote dragged on so long. Good job to the Republican leadership for ensuring that an important piece of legislation didn’t get stalled.

  2. I’m gonna agree with anonymous below. This is a pretty biased media piece you’ve linked to, I love how they waited until the twelfth paragraph to inform us that:

    “No Democrats voted for the legislation, although three initially favored it, only to change their minds after talking to Pelosi and Rep. Steny Hoyer (news, bio, voting record) of Maryland, the second-ranking Democrat.”

    So actually, the Democrats came out one vote ahead from this extension of voting time.

    The “firsthand view of the Republican majority” you’re giving us is the way Congress and any sort of member-speaker dynamic always works. I guess you’ve never been to an event governed by Robert’s Rules of Order or similar? There is ALWAYS chaos, and most of it revolves around individual members trying to pontificate after raising “points of order” which the speaker is required to hear.

    And besides, this is a really good bill. It’s funny that the Democrats were complaining about gas prices and now don’t want to encourage the increase of gas supply that would lower those prices and increase quantity produced. We haven’t had a refinery constructed in the United States in 30 years. I’m not happy with many of the things the Washington Republicans have done lately, including the pork spending and the nomination of Miers, but this is something they got right.

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