a little Thursday night fun

want to go to Schwarzenegger Street? Check out this hilarious anti-Governator video.


2 responses to “a little Thursday night fun

  1. Personally, I think it’s pretty funny. However, Angelides having the Arnold’s Neighborhood thing on the homepage of his election site is going to hurt him. He may not be taken seriously for stuff like that.

  2. I don’t think it’ll hurt him too much. With the reputation he’s built as State Treasurer and with the high-profile endorsements he’s got, Angelides would have to screw up the campaign pretty badly in order to lose, so he can afford to take some risks in attempting to reach out to voters. On a personal level, he’s a really decent guy with a good sense of humor and an ability to tap into his humble beginnings to connect with low-income and immigrant families. The ad might actually be well-timed since it brings some refreshing levity to a politically intense moment and connects Arnie to an administration that is quickly losing the public’s trust.

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