The Big Question

Tonight was the first installment of PBHA’s “The Big Question” which will be a weekly discussion about big questions that students at Harvard should be considering. Our guest was Professor Tim McCarthy. It was great hearing him, his story, and getting a chance to discuss the important topic of “What does it mean to make the MOST out of our time at Harvard?” The small discussion group that I was a part of seemed diverse in terms of race, political ideology, class, and other respects. I may be mistaken, however. We were just beginning to crack the shell of the question when it was time to re-convene as a large group, though this was expected. Questions like these can’t be given any particular time frame. They’re too huge. Big shout out to Henry Seton who brought this up to PBHA Officers and staff a few weeks ago. Great idea. Let’s keep the movement moving. Next week’s question involves Harvard’s role in giving money and other types of support to natural disasters when they occur. Big stuff now in light of Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Kashmir. Come and contribute! Friday at 5 in PBHA.

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