sunday open thread

Nothing from me, what are YOU thinking? Hit the comment button and share some wisdom.


6 responses to “sunday open thread

  1. Why anonymity for some, and pervasive use of names for others (in commenting and writing)?

    Diversity in service organizations?

    Why a picture of aubonpain, of all things, from this Swede?

    Do people here tend to read both the Crimson and Cambridge Common? Is it an alternative, supplement, replacement…?

  2. Two thoughts:
    1. It’s nice that you can read the Cambridge Common lettering on top of ABP.
    2. No one should read only one source of news.
    3. (I lied) As a moderate liberal, I have lately noticed that the NYT op-ed is very, very liberal. Almost too liberal for what is supposed to be the “newspaper of record.” Sure, I tend to agree with it most of the time, but then the arguments it puts forth tend to be one-sided and lack the potential to change minds or build concensus or compromise. Lately, I’ve turned to the Washington Post for good moderate, impartial examination of todays’ political issues.

    Any thoughts on this? Oh, also, TimesSelect sucks. I’m just going to say it. I guess there must have been some sort of economic rationale behind that move, but from my perspective it’s just marginalized the opinions of Tom Friedman and his buddies. I don’t even read the headlines over there, since there’s no point in going through the motions since I refuse to pay for the whole article.

  3. You’re wrong. NYT is just as likely to have a Bush admin suck-up piece as it is to write anything progressive.

    Golis, any buzz on UC presidential race?

  4. I think Matt’s going to win a second term!

  5. forget UC politics, what about the sad state of the race for IOP prez? it’s prob going to be Adam K v. Kevin K. talk about a battle of the midgets. from what i’ve seen, both are sleazy, unlikable, transparent tools. i can’t imagine anyone being excited about casting a vote for either. they also bring zero diversity to a position that has pretty much ALWAYS been held by white men. i don’t know which scheming loser i should root against. 07 blows. sorry just had to rant.

  6. While the IOP choices are somewhat unexciting, I have heard rumors of a VP pick or two that would be a drastic improvement. I guess we’ll see.

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