great news!

Despite the Crimson coming out against a living wage and burying major events, conservatives across campus moaning about unions and activism, the University’s overwhelmingly strong position at the bargaining table due to their anti-labor activities and because of the work done by the workers, the union, the Student Labor Action Movement, the Undergraduate Council, the College Dems and student supporters across campus, the Union announced last night that the workers and the University have reached a tentative deal. While not perfect, it is better than many had hoped and signifies a major step forward. As the SEIU spokesperson said: “Victory was made on a lot of fronts.”


4 responses to “great news!

  1. yaaay. this is so exciting.

  2. $20/hr for janitors? won’t that eventually push harvard to outsource janitors like they did security guards?

    seems like a shortterm gain for a longterm loss. there will be a backlash against such a high “living wage”.

  3. the entry salary for a college-educated, full-time staff member at Harvard is about $18.50/hr.

  4. Hi, I’d love to hear more about what the two of you above are saying. What would a “backlash” look like? Where did you get the above number of 18.50? What job are you describing? Are these people raising families? Should it be more/less in your opinion, and why? I’m just trying to get a sense of what you’re saying…

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