campaign websites

Because the UC campaign began an hour ago, each of the campaign websites are up:


While you can’t put too much stock in such things (Teo and Samita had by far the prettiest website last year and they came in a distant third), the Haddock/Riley website is pretty gorgeous. In any event, the websites give you a basic understanding of their message and who these people are, so enjoy.

Please note the UC Campaign-related comments policy.


4 responses to “campaign websites

  1. Please note, all unsigned comments related to the UC campaign will be deleted.

  2. Interesting, the site appears to be password-protected now. Bad time for a re-design! :)

    I have to agree on the Haddock site. Visually stunning yet filled with substantive issue discussion.

    The Magnus site is good-looking as well, and they have their own blog. It’ll be interesting to see what uses they have for it.

    -Ben M

  3. You’re a wimp, Winthrop.

    I’m helping a campaign and I’m on SAC, but you don’t see me hiding behind anonymity. I agree that Golis should leave your comment, though. :P

    There was a great article in FM that did a rundown of the potential candidates –

    I don’t think that this is a pressing thing for Golis to cover, since we have actual candidates to discuss. Maybe as an interesting election post-mortem if he has time.

    -Ben Milder

  4. I deleted a post above because no name was attached (other than “wondering in Winthrop). While I appreciate the fact that it was no spreading rumors, and isn’t really the reason I’ve instituted the policy, I really don’t want to get into having to make value judgments on what is and isn’t allowable other than to ask people to honestly sign their name. Working for a ticket is not a legitimate reason to not sign your name, it’s exactly that reason (the reader being able to assess people’s motivations, etc.) that I’ve put the policy in place.

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