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Check out this hilarious comment in the Crimson today about Scene Magazine. My favorite paragraph:

The most apparent conclusion that can be drawn from Scene is that its writers and editors are still very much schoolchildren in need of an education. If they need Harvard and its manifold temptations for young socialites, however, is unclear— a better choice might be a provincial boarding school away from the glamour of city life where they might, under the watchful eye of an aged nun, endure the slap of the ruler should they write so nonsensical a statement as “Intelligence comes in many variations” (page 9).

For a defense, I highly recommend a compelling piece written here last week by our very own Chadwick P. Worthington IV, who claims to be one of the founders of this wonderfully useless magazine.


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  1. Oh gracious. I’m being praised on Cambridge Common — you’ve made my day, Golis.

    I thought I’d send along this — a solicitation letter from Scene’s editors to work on their magazine — which Sahil and I didn’t have in time to include in our comment.

    I want to make very clear that this letter is *not* a parody, that this was actually written by the people at Scene. I’m tempted to comment on it, but it speaks for itself, doesn’t it?


    Dear [name redacted],

    Let’s cut to the chase. The reason I’m writing you is that I and the group of people I’m working with on an up-and-coming Harvard campus publication – Scene – have recognized that you – as a social, attractive and talented Harvard student – have the capacity and internal drive to help us make Scene what we hope it to be.

    The Vision

    Scene, as it was originally was conceived, will be a magazine that covers and focuses on Harvard campus’ society, style & living. As Harvard students, we stand in a unique position: the rest of society, as we know it, perceives us to be elite, to be the upper crust, to embody something that all people from all levels of society, holding widely varying interests and convictions hope and aspire to achieve. Frankly, we are Harvard students. We are special, at least to them.

    Whether or not this is actually true, this is how the world perceives us to be, and it is something that we, as members of Scene, hope to capitalize on.

    The Plan

    As a person we are considering to recruit for the magazine, we would like you to take a look at the potential positions that we currently have to offer, think of new necessary positions that would benefit the magazine, and, in short, make this magazine your own. You, as someone we would like to bring into the Scene community, are someone that has the opportunity to shape and direct what is cool and popular, what people read and believe about the Harvard community, and how the rest of the outside world perceives us.

    The Beginning

    This being said, we request that you come to a meeting on this upcoming Saturday the 24th, this upcoming weekend at 3pm, location TBA, if you’re interested in getting in on the ground floor and being a part of something big, something unique. We urge you, at the very least, to come and find out what Scene is about before you make your ultimate decision.

    However, we urgently need your help to develop the social component of the magazine – which would cover parties, people and places – what we consider to be the most popular, crucial part of the magazine. We are not looking for tremendously profound writers, or the next Hemingway. We are looking for people that are social, attractive, have the ability to get information and can put a cool spin on the stories that s/he produces.

    If you’re interested in learning more about Scene and how you can get involved, RSVP to,, or

    The Blood, Sweat and Tears

    Much work has gone into putting this magazine together not only last year, but also this summer, in the present and, hopefully, in the future. Please don’t just take this lightly and tell all your friends. This is something we would like to keep somewhat confidential and private, until we think it appropriate to release the information.

    The Perks

    As a member of Scene, you would be invited – with your choice of guests, of course – to the launch party, which will most definitely be the place to be on that given night. In addition, you will have the opportunity to have your name, if you consent, to be printed in a publication that is looking like it will gain national coverage.

    Without any hesitation, I would commit to the fact that this WILL be the coolest, most fun publication of all Harvard campus publications to work for.

    Thanks for reading this, and we hope to hear from you. Again, please RSVP to find out the location, exact time of the meeting and other information you might want to receive with regards to Scene.

    Our best,


    Christos Kaplanis
    Zak Tanjeloff
    Adam Sternthal
    Steven Duque
    Emily Washkowitz
    Rebecca Kaden Josh Kushner
    Anna Kohanski

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