Alito Confirmation Hearings

If you’re not performing heart surgery or anything, I encourage you to watch or listen to the Supreme Court Confirmation hearings for Samuel Alito or put it in the background as you work. He’s currently being questioned by local big-wig Senator Ed Kennedy and it’s pretty entertaining and insightful.


2 responses to “Alito Confirmation Hearings

  1. I found nothing insightful about Kennedy bloviating instead of using his time to constructive ask questions about things that actually matter. Whether or not Alito was a member of CAP is immaterial and he clearly can’t be held accountable for what was presented in their magazine anymore than a Harvard grad can be held accountable for ideas in Harvard Magazine (although I realize CAP was a voluntary organization, the opinions in a magazine rarely extend beyond the ownership of the author). And it’s especially ridiculous to watch a Senator with a Golden Spoon pedigree “accuse” someone like Alito of having ideas unusual for “someone of your [Alito’s] background.” It doesn’t matter his background, he can think whatever he damn well pleases and it is, shock, not unusual for a conservative to hold conservative viewpoints. Even more ridiculous was Biden’s (or was it Schumer? Both?) wasting all but about two minutes of his 30 minute question time on hearing himself talk. That, and he comes across as a pompous ass. Come to think of it, it was Biden. He even closed by talking about himself in the third person… How does he get elected?

  2. It’s cool that you don’t find Kennedy’s stuff insightful. Maybe that was just the part I saw prior to putting up the post and link…

    As far as your end question is concerned, I don’t know. Ask someone in the Facebook group “DELAWARE, whut”.

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