Queer Results

According to this New York Times article a new reality show that was supposed to air on ABC may have been shelved do to its positive portrayal of a gay couple (that won the reality show) and the believed backlash that would follow from the religious right. Purportedly ABC was scared to air the show since they felt that support for their quasi-religious The Chronicles of Narnia would be withdrawn from this base. Another example of capitalism trumping moral fortitude (if true).

During the course of the series being shot the gay couple’s neighbors who have been initially described as “quite homophobic Christians” come to love the gay couple and their child next door. Love for one’s neighbor despite them living a lifestyle that you may not approve of? Now that’s not Christian at all…


2 responses to “Queer Results

  1. I read this article when it first came out and was disgusted with what ABC did – its quite obvious that they weasled out of showing this program in order to rile up conservative Christians for their bigger project, Chronicles of Narnia. I’m wondering though, why won’t they sell the rights to another network that may want to show it? (The article claims that ABC has refused to entertain selling it or showing it at a later date) They’re out $10 million on the whole deal, and it just reeks of bad business sense mixed with bigotry. If I owned stock in ABC, I’d be pissed – not only because of the blatant slap in the face of all those who fought to get this show in production and to get these topics into the ongoing public dialogue, but because at the end of the year my dividend would be smaller.

  2. I think that them selling the rights to another network would prove their detractors on this issue right and draw more media attention to them and this situation (especially when the show was aired on whichever network if that were to happen).

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