Sorry, Mr. Wealthy Shooter of My Face Who I Give Money To

Well the guy that Cheney shot has now emerged from the hospital in Texas where he has been for the past week and what was one of the first things to come out of his mouth? An apology to U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, the man that has permanently tatooed him with shotgun pellet holes and wounds along the right side of his upper body. I’m all for forgiveness but come on…

This comes a day after sheriffs in Kenedy County where the shooting occurred decided not to press charges in the incident after deeming it a “hunting accident”. Conflicting reports have arisen over numerous details about the shooting and its subsequent investigation including when exactly Cheney was questioned by sherrifs in Kennedy County, whether Secret Service agents initially turned away the sheriffs, etc.

What suprises me about all this is that: (1) Harrington has been released from the hospital much earlier than most people expected (read: Cheney got him the best doctors…if not his personal ones), (2) the sheriff’s investigation seems to be based primarily on Cheney’s personal account of what happened, and (3) nobody has heard a peep from Pamela Pitzer Willeford, a high-level U.S. diplomat who was the third person present when Cheney shot Harrington. What I see is the Vice President’s entourage (including his doctors, the Secret Service, and more) doing a darn good job at protecting him, whether it means they are restricting some people from talking, working their tales off to make sure that the medical condition of Harrington didn’t worsen, stifling the local sheriff’s investigation or what have you.


5 responses to “Sorry, Mr. Wealthy Shooter of My Face Who I Give Money To

  1. I don’t understand–are you implying that it wasn’t an accident, that he shot him on purpose? Why would he do that? Or are you questioning the damage control of trying to keep the man alive and withholding details of the incident so as to avoid attracting any more attention to it? I don’t really understand what you’re trying to say.

  2. nomination for best CC title

  3. Thank you for the nomination. Take that, co-writers! Up my bountiful compensation, Golis.

    But seriously, I’m not implying that it was not an accident. From all of the information released so far by individuals, sheriff accounts, the media, etc. it indicates that it was an accident. I’m not questioning that for now. Yes, the damage control is the iffy part. I don’t know what you think, Mr./Mrs./Ambiguously-gendered Anonymous, but I see information dissemination as crucial in society especially in the realm of government. Inhibiting its spread is not cool. The article I provided links to in my post indicate that the Secret Service may have done that (at least in some respect).

    As far as keeping the man alive is concerned, I’m fine with that. I’m just wondering whether Cheney’s doctors were working on him or if the locals were. I’m assuming that there’s quality disparity here and this may be a false assumption but it probably isn’t. If Cheney’s doctors were in fact working on Harrington it may indicate that there were more serious injuries than what has often been insinuated in this story with the talk of just being “peppered” and all. Relatedly, it may also lend credence to the cover-up of specific details about this incident by medical staff.

  4. Oh man, Cheney tried to make sure that the guy he shot wouldn’t die? I can’t believe he would do such a thing. What a scandal!

  5. anonymous 8:09 pm. even from a conservative point of view, i don’t think that its as simple as cheney trying to keep his friend alive. he’s actively covering up how bad the injuries are. since its an accident, why bother? why not be honest?

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