did Bok prepare?

A great find from Vikram posted as a comment below (from Blue Mass. Group):

Derek Bok, who was Harvard’s President from 1971-1991, will return to serve as interim President – perhaps this explains Bok’s resignation as head of Common Cause last week. The timing seems a bit too close to be pure coincidence – Bok must have known Summers’ resignation was coming.

Does this explain Larry decision to get out and going skiing for the weekend?


3 responses to “did Bok prepare?

  1. Yo – I just posted a long post on RedIvy.org about why I don’t support Larry. A good read, if I may say so myself.

  2. indeed, larry had made up his mind a week ago, according to the NYT

  3. given that Bok won’t take the reins until July, I’d say he’d have had plenty of time to resign from Common Cause between now and then. A weekend really wouldn’t matter. I’d vote for chalking this one up to coincide.

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