on the radio

Earlier this evening I participated in a roundtable discussion on WHRB about the Summers resignation. The other panelists were Zach Seward, the former Crimson Managing Editor who broke the story itself for the WSJ, Eric Lesser, the President of the Dems, and Matt Meisel, one of the co-chairs of the Crimson. I think it was a good discussion, although the other three probably contributed more to it than I did. The piece also featured a taped statement from Professor James Engell on behalf of the faculty, an interview with Richard Bradley of Harvard Rules and a (wo)man on the street montage of Harvard students. Check it out and share your reactions.


7 responses to “on the radio

  1. what is a “(wo)man?” just curious

  2. either a woman or a man dumbass.

  3. let’s focus on constructive dialogue…

  4. 4 white men! surprise surprise.

  5. Hi all,

    As an editor on the WHRB News programming, I just wanted to let you know that we searched for professors and commentators indiscriminately of race or sex. We had less than 20 hours (including night time when no one is available) to get a show out, and we really didn’t have the luxury of picking a diverse group of (qualified) people.

    That said, we were so pleased with our guests, all of whom did an excellent job–including Andrew Golis!

    Thanks to everyone for tuning in– and a big thanks to Andrew for joining us.

  6. I am anonymous 1.

    I apologize for being a dumbass. I honestly thought it was a new term i should know that represented some combination of the two *primary* genders. Look, it’s a confusing world out there and one can’t be too careful…

  7. Who the fuck cares if it’s 4 white men? Is that all some of you people can think about?

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