Student Arrested At Peaceful Vigil?

Monday night at dinner, I heard that a student was taken under arrest earlier in the day at the vigil for victims of the recent violence in Gaza. My friend who participated in the demonstration, outside the Holyoke Center, said that plainclothes police officers approached the student as she was attempting to photograph the event.

A quick search of the Crimson archives yielded bupkis. Is this just a rumor? Anyone know exactly what went down? Was it only Cambridge police, or HUPD, too? A student gets arrested at an outdoor, public event and no one at the daily makes a peep?


One response to “Student Arrested At Peaceful Vigil?

  1. Huh. Crimson’s newly released police log today jogged my memory of this post:

    “March 3 12:53 p.m. — Officers were monitoring a demonstration at the Holyoke Center. Two demonstrators became confrontational and was acting in an aggressive manner toward one of the officers. Patrick Keaney, 38, and Lisa Nieves, 29, were then placed under arrest. ”

    These don’t sound like students (at least, not undergrads), nor photographers; but it’s equally likely that either HUPD was confused or your friend was confused. or both, idk…

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