5 Years Too Long

Today, President Bush once again declared mission accomplished in Iraq. Here at Harvard, we demanded peace!

Despite the cold and rain, an energetic group of us displayed our opposition to this war, right at the feet of John Harvard. Here are videos of two amazing students speaking to the crowd:

This war will not end until we all stand up and make it end.


5 responses to “5 Years Too Long

  1. Kyle, thanks for posting this great video footage!

    Ellora, Jarret, and all the speakers/musicians thanks for some powerful words!

    Everyone thank you for a great rally!

    We will be struggling until peace and justice are achieved. These events infuse much energy and hope into this struggle.

    After spring break, Harvard Anti-War Coalition, HAWC, will be continuing weekly Walks for Peace in the Yard on Weds. at Noon.

    HAWC meets Fridays at 5pm in PBHA.

  2. Other video of the rally:

  3. Cambridge Common lives again. Happiness engulfs me.

  4. My boys! Behold: your legacy endures. ;)

    Also, how freakin’ awesome is Ellora? She inspires me to no end, that one.

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