Hey there, ‘member me?

life beyond blogging

Well, folks, sorry we never signed off before heading out last week: spring break disappeared me so quick I thought I was a civil liberty under the Bush administration. Thursday I trucked back up here to frigid, frigid Cambridge just in time for the Center For New Words’ annual Women, Action, and Media conference (WAM! 2008), which I may blog about this week, or just link to others who will blog about it, or simply keep the precious memories all to myself. Point is, my thesis is over: I can do what the hell I want.

For now, I’ll just say that it was a delight to see and meet in person some of the bad-assest feminist bloggers in the whole wide Interworld. The discussion on women of color bloggers — “We B(e)lo(n)g” — was especially fantastic: remarkably participatory, a loving space, so much collective wisdom represented in one room. It’s just a shame we didn’t have more time together.

I’ll be ducking out for the rest of the weekend, savoring the last, blissful hours of freedom in my final undergraduate vacation. But get ready for some more excitement and surprises next week, here on CC. Oh yes, I said surprises. Spring’s gonna be full of ’em.



3 responses to “Hey there, ‘member me?

  1. Hey Katie,

    Sorry I missed talking to you at WAM! It wasn’t until you walked by I remembered you went to school in Boston. Glad I found your blog finally though. It looks great.

  2. i can’t wait to be back in boston blog partying with you

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