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4,000 US troops dead

$341.1 million per day

5 years of war

49 Iraqi civilians dead per day



The ‘Clean’ Black

No comment…

The original speech (also notice that Obama scrapes the shit right off his shoes for the Joe Bidens that missed the Jay-Z):

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Just Doin’ My Part…

for the vast left-wing conspiracy:

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Let The Sadrists Play Too

Muqtada al-Sadr, the (at least nominal) leader of the Mahdi Army and the Sadrist Movement, is denounced as a thug by American and Iraqi government officials. This radical cleric and the Sadrist Movement in general, however, are legitimate political actors in Iraq and should be accepted into the political process as such.

Recognizing that this is armchair (or to use a more accurate term, laptop) foreign policy, I am going to argue for this proposal because I think it is important to possible political reconciliation and peace in Iraq. I also want to add the disclaimer that I think the occupation of Iraq is illegal, immoral, and unjust; it must end immediately and American imperialism in the country and region should cease.

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5 Years Too Long

Today, President Bush once again declared mission accomplished in Iraq. Here at Harvard, we demanded peace!

Despite the cold and rain, an energetic group of us displayed our opposition to this war, right at the feet of John Harvard. Here are videos of two amazing students speaking to the crowd:

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Messed Up Priorities

Don't choose this.Hello! My name is Kyle and I am so excited to be taking up residence here at Cambridge Common! I hope to bring the perspective of a male feminist, an insider and outsider of political action at Harvard, and much more to this vibrant community.


I come from a background of white, male privilege (among many others). As such, I am constantly striving to recognize my invisible benefits and to break the wall of silence about them. Many times I will say things that display my ignorance of my own special rights and I hope you will be patient with me and maybe even help point out that ignorance.


As an opening post, I want to be a little meta. Many people question the legitimacy of political/current events blogs. That is a big debate, and it is useful for informing how we invest time and energy online. Within this debate, Cambridge Common exists in a special environment.


Harvard is commonly referred to as being in a “bubble.” Within this bubble, there are certain institutions that posses a large amount of information capital. These institutions tend to adhere to a strange perspective on the Harvard universe and beyond. I will not try to characterize this perspective myself (Markus Kolic does a good job of it here). This situation plays itself out by molding the conversation on campus into one which is almost absurd.

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